Tribal Vocational Rehabilitation services are designed to achieve an employment objective consistent with your unique circumstances. You and your Counselor will assess your strengths, resources, priorities, abilities, concerns and capabilities to arrive at an acceptable rehabilitation plan, called the Individual Plan for Employment (IPE).

The following are services that may be offered or utilized:

  • Guidance and counseling

  • Information and resource referral

  • Assessment of disability to determine eligibility

  • Vocational assessment

  • Career exploration

  • Job seeking skills development

  • Vocational guidance and counseling

  • Assistance in medical restoration

  • Assistance in obtaining Native Healing services

  • Assistance in obtaining education and training

  • Job placement services

  • Interpreter services for the Hard of Hearing or Deaf

  • Reader services for the Blind

  • Assistance in identifying accommodations

When can I receive service?

You will work with a vocational rehabilitation counselor after your orientation to begin the intake process and assessment to determine your eligibility.  (This may take up to 60 days to determine whether or not that you are eligible.)  After you receive your letter stating you are eligible, you will work with your counselor to develop an IPE which is called, your Individual Plan of Employment. The plan includes the services determined necessary to achieve your employment goal. The IPE must be signed by all parties before services may begin.